Santorini wine: The volcanic soil of Santorini produce great and very tasty wine .Santorini vines are kept unstaked and trained low to the ground in a basket shape to protect the grapes from the winds and the heat of the island. White, red and the famous sweet wine Vinsanto( dessert wine ).

  • Santorini Tsikoudia: Alcoholic beverage made by distilling of pomace (the solid remains of grapes.contains 40%-65% alcohol by volume).
  • Cherry tomatoes: Extremely tasty and sweet (the famous Santorini salad)
  • White eggplant: Very sweet- very few seeds - can be eaten raw.
  • Fava Santorini: Salted puree made of santorini hulled lentil (fabaceae family) and served with chopped onion, olive oil and fresh lemon juice.
  • Katsouni: Unique local variety of large cucumber(light green colour).if left unpicked ,turn yellow with sweet taste like melon.
  • Chloro cheese: Made off goat milk-very tasty (local restaurants)
  • Bakaliaro skordalia: Cod fish served with garlic salad(local restaurants).
  • Melitinia(dessert): Unsalted mitzithra cheese, yogurt, flour, and mastic(traditional bakeries).